3 Reasons Why Gmail Voice and Video Chat Should Scare You

A recent announcement by Google came with much fanfare and excitement from most Gmail users. The introduction of voice and video chat capabilities is viewed by most as an exciting step forward for the already “feature-rich” Google e-mail interface. Slowly but consistently, Google is creating a centralized portal for users to communicate with the world through a multitude of mediums. The addition of Google voice and video chat is simply another addition to what is most likely a growing list of upcoming additions.

However, instead of considering the new features a positive step in multi-media experience, the real truth is that most Gmail users should consider it an invasion of personal productivity and have the right to feel an ever increasing sense of disappointment and concern. There’s 3 reasons why the addition of Gmail voice & video chat should concern most users.

Reason #1: Personal Productivity
The first involves the growing “Email Monster” phenomenon that attempts to destroy daily productivity levels. Let’s face it, e-mail is a great communication tool but it is not today what it was intended to be when it was created. Or maybe it is and people just do not care. But the use of e-mail in your personal and work environments hinders productivity no matter how it is measured. The time savings realized through immediate communication are more than offset by unproductivity through the reading, writing, sending, and receiving of SPAM, non-value add information, and the urge to remain on the lookout for “that” e-mail.

The announcement by Google to integrate voice and video chat into Gmail simply furthers the concern for additional productivity loss. The fact that voice and video exist at all is enough of a scare as it will pull people away from what they should be doing. HOwever, the fact that they exist within an e-mail interface is even scarier as the time spent in your Gmail inbox will no doubt increase.

Reason #2: Additional Distraction
A huge problem with e-mail involves its role as a distractor. How many times have you logged in to check an e-mail only to check a second, third, and many more? It’s generally hard for anyone to not check an unread e-mail and this leads to an ever increasing number of distractions and opportunities to be pulled away. It does not take long before an e-mail leads to a website or another article that you read and ultimately compound the distraction issue. Effective productivity is lessened by distraction and e-mail is enough of a distraction by itself. Unfortunately, the addition of voice and video chat serve as additional distractors that can only have a further negative affect on your time.

Reason #3: Increased Pressure To Login
One of the most important ways to combat the Email Monster is to “unplug” from e-mail altogether. However, human nature and curiosity often gets the better of a mental war of most people. The pressure to log into your e-mail account is already high. Yet the additional of voice and video chat will only contribute to the problem and make it increasingly difficult for those users who have made the important decision to “unplug”.

Overall, Google has demonstrated an great sense integration and centralization of its tools and has rolled them out in a way to enable faster and more widespread communication. However, this same integration and centralization is poised to have severe and negative consequences on Gmail users when viewed from a perspective of personal productivity and daily accomplishment.

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Gratis Live Video Chat – Enjoyment Guaranteed

In the edge of technology, we wish to stay in touch with different kind of people all over the world. Of course, we have emails to serve that purpose, but, as we know, they have many limitations like- they can’t give us realistic chat experience and many more. To overcome these limitations, concept of chatting and video chatting is developed. Having focus on social networking, many sites and apps try to give us more realistic and pleasant chatting experience. We can immediately contact or communicate people of our choice with by using them.

Gratis live video chat has replaced simple chat. In this type of chat, you can meet, talk and chat with people live. Video chatting gives a pleasant feeling of face to face chatting. And now, additional unique features are added to make it more pleasant and interesting.

The difficulties users face

Gratis live video chat is made for real-time chatting experience with different people around the world. All types of people enjoy video chatting with their friends or even strangers. Users face some difficulties while using it like- poor graphics, fake cams and above all- lots of ads with limited selection of people. If you want to spend your free-time with some fun, then these are big obstacles in your way as they prevent you to make leisure happier.

What do users want?

With the best basic service, people now want to get rid of above mentioned difficulties. Some unique features like- gender selection and a possibility to add anyone in friends’ list is becoming users’ choice now. Gender selection helps users to chat with more comforts and enjoyment while if you will add people in your contacts’ list; they can remain in touch with you even if you’re offline. Further, it is necessary to have a large list of guys and gals to select from. And last but not the least, live video chat should be free from commercials!

How can one remain in touch while offline?

All you have to do is build your profile with your photo and nickname. That’s all! Now, people can add you in their friends’ list even if you’re offline.

Get ready to give your leisure more pleasure. No matter, whether you’re a guy or a gal, a cute teen or an executive, a working person or a naughty collegian, real gratis live video chat is always there. And with it, you can have uninterrupted fun anytime and anywhere.

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Video Conference With Your Dad This Fathers Day

Just because you may not be able to be in the same room as your dad this Father’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t connect with him. With all of the great video conferencing options out there, you can see and talk to Dad like he’s right there with you on his special day. Let’s take a look at some of the top video chatting options and the pros and cons of each.


Skype has been on the scene since 2003 and is ad free, which is refreshing. With the ability to call anywhere in the world and a large amount of free offerings, Skype has positioned itself as an industry leader. Skype can connect several people in the same chat, if you’re willing to pay for it. You can also call landlines and cell phones. Whether you and your dad are 30 miles or 3,000 miles apart, Skype will get you connected. However, there are some drawbacks. You can only call someone who also has a Skype account. If your dad isn’t very tech savvy, or doesn’t want to create an account for something he may never use again, this may not be a good option. Also, Skype’s video and sound quality is good, but it’s not the best, since it relies on users’ computers to drive calls.

Pros: Lots of free features, no bothersome ads, can connect anywhere in the world, can call landlines and cell phones

Cons: Can only call someone who has a Skype account, better video and sound quality is available, need the paid version to video chat with more than one person


Even though ooVoo is relatively new, it has managed to make a splash in the world of video chatting. ooVoo has been able to differentiate itself through higher quality video and sound by channeling calls through its own servers. Another large advantage is that you can chat online with someone who doesn’t have an ooVoo account – they can chat by going to a link through their existing browser. This way, as long as you have an account, your dad doesn’t have to sign up for anything. You can connect up to twelve people in one chat for free, so you can include siblings when video chatting with Dad. If you’d like to have more than twelve, however, you’ll have to go with the paid version. They offer many of the same capabilities as Skype, but calling is only available to 70 countries. If you or your dad is not in an available country, then ooVoo is not the one for you. Also, unless you get the paid version, you are going to have to put up with ads.

Pros: Better video and sound quality, can call people without an account, can connect with up to twelve people at a time for free

Cons: Can’t call all countries, free version has ads


Airtime is extremely new – it debuted only a little more than a week ago. But since there are high-profile names behind it, Airtime is already getting a lot of attention. The founders are Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker, the same people who created Napster. Sean Parker was also the founding president of Facebook, and you may recognize his name from Justin Timberlake’s portrayal of him in The Social Network. Airtime is completely free. You must log on to Airtime with a Facebook login, which can be a pro or a con, depending on whether your dad has a Facebook account or not. If he does, then he doesn’t have to worry about creating a new account, and connecting to Airtime will be easy. If he doesn’t have Facebook, it’s unlikely he’s going to want to create an account just to log into Airtime. Airtime allows you to chat directly with friends imported from your Facebook account, or chat with someone you don’t know based on shared interests that are also imported from your Facebook profile. So if you do plan to connect with your dad this way, make sure to select the option that allows you to chat directly with friends. If your dad has a Facebook account, but you’ve somehow managed to avoid being friends with him and you’d like to keep it that way, then Airtime is not going to be your best option.

Pros: Log in with Facebook, relatively simple interface, has an element of newness, free

Cons: Log in with Facebook, not the best option if out of the country

Hopefully one of these options appeals to you and your dad if you happen to be separated this Father’s Day. If you have questions or would like help setting up video conferencing for personal or businesses reasons, don’t hesitate to call us at (501)683-7229, email us at info@iprovit.com, or fill out a contact form.

Random Video Chatting – Your Ultimate Experience in Video Chatting

Video chatting gains ground as it is safer than regular chatting. We can see the people with whom we chat with, not only that but, it provides us a platform to express our views or opinions more effectively also. Furthermore, it has a helping hand for doctors, businessmen, instructors, etc.

Benefits of video chatting

• It facilitates interaction of instructors with students in many educational institutes.

• Many doctors nowadays use it, in order to diagnose diseases as well as consult other doctors. Patients can interact with far distance as well with doctors. Thanks to it, it is possible.

• Businessmen can hold the video conference in order to give project details, launch a new product, get an order, etc. Thanks to it, video conference is possible whenever and wherever we need it.

• Youngsters get enjoyment, share their views and voice their feelings through it. Even teenagers can utilize it as it is simple and safe. It provides infotainment to all types of users.

In a nutshell, it plays a vital role for all- businessmen, youngsters, teens, teachers, etc.

Random video chatting is an exciting type of video chatting. On one hand, it makes youngsters free from monotonous chatting, and, on the other hand, it provides new business avenues to businessmen. It has many advantages; some of them are as follows:


• It provides a platform for enthusiastic businessmen. They can demonstrate their products or services to the different kind of people. Thanks to it, they can enhance penetration of their products or services among various classes of society.

• It is a great tool of pastime for youngsters. Youngsters can come into contact with strangers and readily chat with them. It gives them excitement as they never know whom they are going to meet next moment.

• In regular chat, usually youngsters chat within their predefined group, or with regular members of a particular site. That gives them monotonous chatting experience. While, in this type, they get a unique experience of it with strangers in the real sense.

Including all advantages of it and many more, random video chatting offers more pleasure to its users. No wonder that more and more people use this type for different objectives these days.

When many websites offer random video chatting facility, you need to find sites with the maximum number of guests and members. After all it is a fun to meet new people and friends everyday.

For your ultimate video chatting experience, just access Loveroulette and enter your world of infotainment.

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Advantages Of Interactive Video For Governments

Video conferencing is a popular type of communication in numerous sectors because it possesses a great potential for parties to share with you information even if they’re miles apart.

Many governments have successfully incorporated it into their communication department for a lot of positive reasons. From the past years, video chat would be a reserve for a few business tycoons and no-one would’ve considered that it will be a breakthrough in governance. Video conferencing or telepresence permits the citizens to arrive at government officials with an increase of ease. Using this method, associated with parliament doesn’t have to travel to their constituency to address important issues because they can have the whole message via fractional laser treatments.

Many individuals complain which they never access their state representatives but with interactive video it’s easier and more convenient for both parties. Apart from representatives having the ability to connect with citizens, video conferencing helps various government departments to take care of one on one communication. This assists to make certain more coordination between ministries and different government departments which are essential to the functional associated with a country.

Improved inter agency communication really helps to reduce costs of travel and production of reference material. Governments can save lots of money through video chat as how much down time during travel is saved and issues are addressed. A president would like to stick to the proceedings of the crucial forum and actively participate in the meeting without needing to jump on an airplane. Huge government spending can be quite a thing of the past whether they can adapt to video chat and alter statistics that indicate travel since the biggest source of massive holes in many government budgets.

Taking prisoners to the court for hearings used to be a very risky affair as the prisoner could break away causing fatalities plus a greater danger to the public. Video chat is a great means to fix the challenge as court rooms can connect to jails for hearings and events can continue without any extra costs. Witnesses who fear for safety whenever they make physical court appearances can provide their testimonies using the technology. Governments can utilize interactive video in schools and other learning institutions and in the longer run improve students perfomance.

The government can incorporate video chat as part of dat to day learning with the necessity to create extra learning materials. This helps governments to save lots of costs on education and direct the funds with other departments that can make use of them. Through Video chat governments can monitor development projects in any area of the country without needing to send teams there to gauge the problem. It is safe to say that technology has brought many nations a way to cut spending without having to sacrifice the grade of communication between agencies and departments.

If video chat is well utilized, governments can easily monitor the military as those in command can reach other soldiers who might be posted in far areas without compromising their safety or that regarding the mission. This soldiers also can communicate with their loved ones using this technology .

Viva fast meeting provides video conferencing software which is well suited for these purposes

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How Video Chat Affects Your Life?

Video chat are services provide by several web-sites. This helps us in talking to another person who’s sitting miles away from us. The chat involves the usage of a webcam and microphones, which lets us listen to and see the one who we are conversing with. This makes the conversation seem very real. It looks like the individuals are sitting at opposite ends on the table rather than opposite ends of the world.

Businesses possess looked for and developed computer applications to reduce expenses and boost productivity. Many of these software can also profit the daily person as well. And one such development that has afflicted the lifestyles of several individuals and modified how businesses are executed is video conferencing. Video conference is definitely not a new invention; it was with us ever since televisions gained popularity. But individuals are just starting to uncover the beauty of video conferencing. There will definitely be a change and significant improvement for video conferencing within the years to come.

When video conferencing was first introduced to the market, it was slow, unstable, and unreliable. This gave it a bad impression among its first users. However, as internet becomes faster and streaming algorithm developed at a much higher compression rate, things become interesting again. Today, a lot of IM systems are able to cope up with the demands of the public. And yet, random video chat is still an option for most applications and people think it is a useless feature. But with the advent of new free chat applications, new programs are designed with video and voice as the central feature.

It is a very prominent feature and has gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years. The availability of using internet with unlimited data usage also helps promote the use of video chats. This is a required application for using omegle. Bad internet connection would lead to blurry videos and may not be as much fun as the clear videos.

For having a video conferencing on people would need a computer which is connected to a high speed internet service. They also need to be hooked up with a webcam for video, mike for speaking and speakers for listening. These devices are very easily available and at a cheap rate. The installation procedure is easy and is self explanatory. They are also very easy to use once it’s hooked to the computer.

After preparing the instrument, the person can go online and go through various sites that provide this service and choose the one they want to use. Different free chat room has different purpose and hence the user need to choose the one they like and are interested in.

This service is also used to conduct business. If the business associate or partner is sitting miles away they can easily use this service to discuss the details. The talk becomes easier and convenient when people can look at each other. Other people simply use this for entertainment or for socializing and networking.

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Great Free Video Conference Applications

When it comes to video conference and digital signage, you will find that there are plenty of free apps that you can use to communicate easily with people around the world. The best thing about these free apps is that they are becoming incredibly popular, and you will find that video conferencing is becoming the way of the future. Here are some of the top applications that you can download to make your video conferencing as easy as possible:

Google Video Chat

Inside Gmail, one of the most used email servers, Google has now added the video chat feature. This feature is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods of video conferencing, and anyone who has a webcam and a Gmail account can start a video conference with the click of a button. There is a special plug-in that will need to be installed in order for the Gmail video chat to work, but it works on any system. Video chatting with Gmail is probably one of the easiest ways to communicate face to face over long distances.


TokBox is an application that allows you to video conference with your friends, and it is a web based application rather than a program that is installed to your computer. You can sign up easily and get starting chatting right away, and there are many extensions that will make it easier for you to communicate with your friends. All of your friends can be video conferenced from the same site, no matter what application they use. There is even a desktop application available through Adobe AIR for those who prefer having it on their desktop.


Skype is by far the most used messenger for video conferencing, and it is probably the best. Skype is a program that has dedicated video conference features that make it incredibly easy for you to chat with your friends and business partners via webcam with the click of a button. The program has been designed for chat and video chat, and it is easily installed on any OS, including iOS and Linux. The video is always smooth and the sound is always crisp, and the bandwidth use is far lower than other video conference software.


iChat is available for any Apple users, including for iPad, iPhone, and MacBook. You can use the multi-user chat to talk with as many as 4 people at once, and you can use the iChat Theater as you chat to share pictures, documents, and other files. You can even customize your backdrop to change the scenery as you chat, making it a lot more fun to communicate.


Vsee is a program that is made exclusively for Windows, but it is free to download and easy to install. The free video conference software makes it much easier for you to communicate with your friends around the world, and you can share files easily with the drag and drop feature provided by the software.

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The content is our own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views of ESCO Audio Visual.

Lighting Video Chats Make All The Difference

Once deemed an untenable futuristic technology, the video call has become a reality. Thanks to internet technology and webcams, you can see the person you’re talking to and they can see you. You would think that just the ability to see your chat partner would be enough, but getting the images just right often proves to be harder than it might be worth.

Sometimes, the internet connection is too slow or sporadic, making your videos choppy and unwatchable. Other times, the problem is with your old, outdated, and pixelated camera or computer. If you have the best technology and your video chats are still quite hard to see properly, perhaps the real problem is in your lighting. Too little light or the wrong angles can make you look too dark in all the wrong places.

With a little practice, you can use a few spare table or desk lamps to better illuminate your entire person and make video chatting more pleasant for your chatting partner. However, unless you do it exactly right, you may end up with too much glare or still not enough lamination. Plus, depending on your computer or device, the best location for this extra light may block or be blocked by the camera or device.

This is why the avid video chatter must invest in a specially-made Chat Light. Henry Geddes, a professional fashion photographer and founder of Splashlight Studios, noticed the issue with insufficient lighting during video chats. He invented the Chat Light system and founded the company along with Ian Shiell.

Unlike regular lamps, the Chat Light system is made up of separate illuminated pieces that attach to the computer monitor. This allows the user to place the lights in just the right places around the webcam without any protruding bases or shades. If you need more lights, add more pieces of the Chat Light. If you don’t need so much, remove a piece or two. However you configure your Chat Light system, you should always get the perfect illumination for your video chat.

If you prefer to use chatting apps on your iPad or other tablet device, then Chat Light has a system designed especially for tablets. This smaller, wrap-around system provides a steady source of bright lights that stays in place comfortably for the entire chat.

There is always the chance that technology can impede the quality of your video. With Chat Lights, you can at least be sure that your next video chat will be illuminated and illuminating.

If you are looking for the Original Chat Light, find Patented Webcam Light gives you professional lighting while you Video Chat. For more detail visit our website.

Video Chat – Get to Know Russian Women Better

Dating services have always been popular in Russia, giving young Russian men and women the opportunity to interact and mingle with each other. But what happens next?

We make sure there are no loose ends to a story, and thus, many dating sites go a step further with their services. They have come out with a new video chat system that will help you meet the most beautiful Russian women, and particularly with those based in Tver, Russia.

Video chatting can take you a long way in finding your perfect soul mate. Staying in touch and connecting with your bride-to-be in the best way is really important, and you can’t find anything simpler and more effective than using video chat service nowadays.

Video chat services are the latest and well equipped to ensure a smooth, friendly and romantic interaction between you and the beautiful Russian women. If you are thinking that it will be a tedious process to get on to a video chat and find suitable brides through it, then you are mistaken. Contemporary video chat services are very easy to use, are absolutely trouble-free, and are the smoothest way to build a sweet online romance.

Online dating is today, the fastest way of binding hearts together, and when the women in question are as beautiful as the sweetest Russian brides, the story takes a new level altogether. Men from around the world will be vying for the Russian ladies’ attention, and the best way to get it is through online video chat services.

Do not worry about issues like security and privacy, since qualitative services have been reputed to offer high levels of both the attributes. So now, you can proceed further from emails and chatting sessions and get down to interacting with your future bride in person (virtually).

Through a good video chat, you can not only share personal information and pictures with each other, but also that you get to really see the person and how they are, without having to keep waiting in order to know each other.
Video chat is now giving a new dimension to online dating and online matrimonial services, and Russian men are jumping on to the bandwagon already. One reason may be that online dating agencies help you meet and come across with some of the most beautiful women in the world. It is important that video chat services should be of high quality audio and visual aspects, and you can even get the opportunity to make video calls absolutely free.

So now, with the exceptional online video chat services available in the net now, you do not have to be restricted to reading text messages that your would-be Russian bride emails to you, but you can actually have a full-fledged conversation with her. Such a face-to-face interaction can really ignite the romance like nothing else can, and you are sure to win yourself a beautiful Russian woman at the end of it.

The best way to get ready to a personal date with Russian women is to try video chat service at reliable dating sites.

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Video Chatting – Keep in Touch with Your Pals As and When You Want

Today, video chat facility is becoming famous among every class of society. Random video chat is its more interesting and innovative type. As more and more people visit chat websites like Omegle, the websites give this facility.

People across the world use chat rooms daily for different purposes. Chat rooms provide a platform for safe and joyous conversation.

Safe for all

Such chat allows users to watch people through webcam. Thus, this facility is relatively free from hidden risks of chatting. Even teens and youngsters can enjoy it without having much risk from a safety viewpoint.

Let’s see some of the benefits of this facility.


Meet- and- make friends: It has a vital role in making new friends. Particularly teenagers and youngsters are fond of meeting different people and making new friends.

Express feelings with ease: Thanks to the facility, teens and youngsters can readily express their feelings in front of friends. They can interact with relatives or teachers also in order to get answers of their questions.

Real time chatting experience: When users see a person with whom they are chatting, it gives them joy of face-to-face conversation. They get real enjoyment and real chatting experience.

Dating experience is safe and real: With this facility, teens and youngsters can get real time dating experience without any risk.

With all the benefits of video chat, random video chat offers additional benefits. No wonder that, it gets momentum these days and becomes increasingly popular among people around the world. Let’s go through some of the additional benefits.


Experience the real excitement to meet people: In this type, users meet strangers every time, which thrills them. No one has any idea about the person with whom they are going to chat.

Add friends’ list with different people: It facilitates addition of people with different interests as friends.

Makes teens more smart and social: It helps teens become smarter in conversation as they chat with strangers without any preparation. Further, every time teens come in contact with people with different interests that makes them more social.

Removes boredom: Normally people chat with the same people of their group that brings monotony after some time. This facility removes this boredom completely as it enables users meeting new people every time.

Increases penetration of products or service: Entrepreneurs can use this facility to promote their products or service among different class of society.

In this way, this innovative chat facility offers several benefits along with those of routine video chat. Users just require to access chat websites like Omegle to enjoy both types of chatting.

YouLookMe is one of the most famous website among chat websites like Omegle. Just access the website and enjoy live chatting with friends or strangers.