Pay Per Minute Chat Script Technology

Chat is what for most of the teenagers attracts. Internet just change the way one interact with someone they do not know. Websites, software make a way after another for a kind of purposes. Social networking websites we can count most popular Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google Plus etc. give people more than just chat function. We can play games; use a number of applications known as apps for particular social networking websites, join groups, start a page for which we have just couple of knowledge. But chat is what we always fond of. You know the one way i.e. social networking websites to chat with your friends, people but what about an another convenient way which gives you huge tight of security for your personal chat.

What main features whenever you start chat want? Let me guess, security, privacy, no pm from another user; that’s all, I think. Websites provide you these features want you to pay some good bucks. You can be charge on per second, minute, hour and even for days only if you choose some good chat package. But will you not feel happy if you have to pay only for the minutes you use the chat scripts. No need to pay for just ten seconds more on a minute. Yes, that is what I am talking about. Just pay for the minutes you are live on the chat and not a single buck more. There are only two kind of best chat script available at this time on the Internet. One is Webcam chat script and second one is Video chat script. These are the best feature software script find all over the Internet and mostly prefer by the user. These chat script are not composed of same features.

Webcam chat script is use between two users only. Suppose, you are in your country at your place but your friend reside in other country. You want to hook up for a live chat with full privacy where no one can disturb you. Webcam chat script can fulfill this purpose of yours. Put this script in your side and give that same code to your friend. Start your webcam and congratulation; you both are live with each other. A chat where no one will be there, you are hidden from the all other online users. You will get high quality video, voice quality which you will never find anywhere else. You can see a little too little movement of whatever the user on the other hand is doing.

Video chat script somehow fills the business meeting purposes. To connect more than one person at one time, video chat script one can use. Consider yourself as business person. You have one product which you want to promote in a market. You set up a meeting in which most of the business people will interact with each other online. So, video chat script will do this for you. More than one person can hear and speak at one time with the help of video chats script. This chat script also work on pay per minute method. Whenever you need to have online chat use these scripts and feel free to contact with everyone.

The author Yev Alent have experienced in deal with these webcam chat script. According to him, you will actually pay for something good. You can get some more tips on video chat script with him.

How WebRTC Technology Could Turn Tables for Enterprise Video Chat

Enterprises have been using video as a channel for collaboration and communication for quite a while now. Technologies like video conferencing have increased efficiencies by enabling colleagues and partners to collaborate without having to be physically in one place. But widespread adoption of such tools has been hampered by the need for expensive, specialized hardware and software and other complex IT requirements.

This could change thanks to a groundbreaking open-source technology called webRTC (web Real Time Communication). WebRTC enables web-based video, voice and data communications in real-time between connected devices using a browser as an interface, removing the need to have plug-ins or special software installations. The technology is entirely secure as it is encrypted end-to-end and is compatible across most browsers. The possibilities arising from such a flexible technology is limitless, with experts saying that it can change the way companies collaborate and communicate.

Deploying WebRTC-based applications are helping companies to leverage video as a channel more extensively, resulting in improved quality of interactions. Extremely easy to use and implement, it is expected to see an upsurge in adoption in the coming years. According to the 2015 Webtorials survey, around 55% of IT professionals have stated that WebRTC will be a critical tool for collaboration.

One of the primary areas where the technology can have huge impact is in customer service. Video chats are the next big thing as they add a layer of personalization and immediacy to interactions with customer that is missing so far. Amazon’s Mayday service were the first to incorporate video in customer service through which a customer could initiate a one-way video chat with a tech advisor by pushing a button on their Kindle device.

WebRTC – powered video chats used in combination with co-browsing can usher in a new age of enterprise video. Here are a few ways in which it is likely to happen:

1.Boost both the quantum and the quality of customer engagement of a company: With webRTC, consumer-facing companies can implement click-to-call features in their website, allowing them to provide multimedia support to their customers. The easy-to-implement solution will need minimal investment and help companies to offer hands-on support. When used along with co-browsing, which allows simultaneous browsing, a customer service agent can interact face-to-face and help the customer with a complicated transaction or a problem in an efficient manner. The personal touch from video chats has the potential improve customer experience greatly, building loyalty.

2.Increase adoption rate of video as a channel for communication: With the benefits of reduced costs and no investments, the adoption of video as a channel will grow.Many companies so far deterred by the cost and technical requirements will be encouraged to use it.

3.Transform the role of video in companies: Today video is mostly limited to video conferencing which requires a complex technological set up and trained IT team members. webRTC will change this forever. Companies will be able to deploy it not just for customer-facing processes but also internal processes like training. Adding technologies like co-browsing and live chats, companies can use webRTC to collaborate with business partners, suppliers and other stakeholders, saving time and money.

4.Force companies to rethink their communication strategies: Omni-channel strategy or having multiple channels – phone, web chat and email – are standard today for companies. With webRTC making it easy to implement click-to-call functionality on websites, it replaces the need for the customer to reach for a phone or write a mail. Companies will need to redesign their communication strategy to leverage webRTC and ensure its seamless integration so as to provide a unified experience to customers.

Yuval Moed – Co-Founder and CEO, has over 18 years experience as an Internet and eCommerce entrepreneur and investor.