Lighting Video Chats Make All The Difference

Once deemed an untenable futuristic technology, the video call has become a reality. Thanks to internet technology and webcams, you can see the person you’re talking to and they can see you. You would think that just the ability to see your chat partner would be enough, but getting the images just right often proves to be harder than it might be worth.

Sometimes, the internet connection is too slow or sporadic, making your videos choppy and unwatchable. Other times, the problem is with your old, outdated, and pixelated camera or computer. If you have the best technology and your video chats are still quite hard to see properly, perhaps the real problem is in your lighting. Too little light or the wrong angles can make you look too dark in all the wrong places.

With a little practice, you can use a few spare table or desk lamps to better illuminate your entire person and make video chatting more pleasant for your chatting partner. However, unless you do it exactly right, you may end up with too much glare or still not enough lamination. Plus, depending on your computer or device, the best location for this extra light may block or be blocked by the camera or device.

This is why the avid video chatter must invest in a specially-made Chat Light. Henry Geddes, a professional fashion photographer and founder of Splashlight Studios, noticed the issue with insufficient lighting during video chats. He invented the Chat Light system and founded the company along with Ian Shiell.

Unlike regular lamps, the Chat Light system is made up of separate illuminated pieces that attach to the computer monitor. This allows the user to place the lights in just the right places around the webcam without any protruding bases or shades. If you need more lights, add more pieces of the Chat Light. If you don’t need so much, remove a piece or two. However you configure your Chat Light system, you should always get the perfect illumination for your video chat.

If you prefer to use chatting apps on your iPad or other tablet device, then Chat Light has a system designed especially for tablets. This smaller, wrap-around system provides a steady source of bright lights that stays in place comfortably for the entire chat.

There is always the chance that technology can impede the quality of your video. With Chat Lights, you can at least be sure that your next video chat will be illuminated and illuminating.

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