Reviewing EB-5 Visas And Investments With An International Business Attorney

In Michigan, businesses explore possibilities in which they could attract investors and achieve optimal growth. However, these opportunities aren’t limited to U.S. investors only.

For some companies, it is an immigrant investor that provides the capital needed to fund these business opportunities. An International Business Attorney can explain applicable laws and requirements for business owners.

What is the Purpose for EB-5 Visas?

The program provides an outlet for foreign investors to become a part of U.S. business ventures. According to the primary requirements as outlined by USCIS, the overseas investor must invest in American projects that could increase job growth.

This means that each project should present at least ten jobs for American citizens. In exchange for the investment, the overseas investor receives a green card and can access the naturalization process.

Can Smaller Businesses Obtain These Visas?

Yes, but the company must present a viable business venture that has the potential to grow and continue to be successful. According to recent statistics, it is often difficult for smaller corporations to acquire these investors due to complex competition and a lack of name recognition.

How Can Businesses Connect with Possible Investors?

Their attorney could contact USCIS and identify possible investors based on previously approved candidates. The department helps businesses match up their projects with investors who have shown interest in these types of projects and ventures. The attorney can also review documentation for these investors and prevent the business owner from becoming a victim of fraud and/or unethical business practices.

Are There Restrictions for Foreign Investors?

Yes, according to the guidelines of the program, the investors must provide at least one million dollars to choose the location in which they want to conduct their business. If an investor cannot provide these funds and offers a lower value, they are restricted one specific area of the country.

In Michigan, company owners have access to EB-5 visas that could assist them in acquiring business investments. These visas enable foreign investors to take part in American companies if they create the potential to create at least ten jobs within the company. Business owners who want to learn more about these opportunities can contact an attorney now.