A Few Features That Set the Best Travel-Oriented Rewards Cards Apart From the Rest

Just about everyone enjoys traveling, but fewer people feel good about the expense. While some might not need to worry much about how much vacations and other trips cost, many more appreciate saving money along the way.

Using the right credit card to pay for travel expenses can help keep costs down. Upgraded Points reviews the best travel cards and has found that many offer benefits that are worth looking into.

Today’s Top Reward Cards Provide Many Benefits Travelers Will Like

Some credit cards include general-purpose reward programs that do not focus on any particular type of spending. On the other hand, cards aimed at travelers will sometimes include valuable benefits such as:

  • Annual travel credits. The top travel-oriented cards today frequently issue significant annual bonuses to account holders. In some cases, these credits will more or less make up for the annual fees that many of the most generous rewards cards carry. For those who are intent on traveling each and every year, this feature alone can significantly improve the overall value of such a card.
  • Ridesharing refunds. Another increasingly popular program sees card issuers crediting account holders for rides taken with services like Uber and Lyft. As many travelers make regular use of these services while away from home, features like this can pay off easily. While other types of rewards cards might only provide a bit of cash back, a program like this can eliminate a particular type of spending entirely.
  • Pre-check programs. Many frequent travelers will want to register under programs like the TSA’s Pre-Check system. In some cases, cardholders will be eligible for a refund of their application fees if they should pursue this option. While it might only be relevant every once in a while, a bonus like this can be worth quite a bit.

Easy Ways of Traveling in Style

Just about traveler today carries and uses at least one credit card. While some spend little time thinking about the associated rewards and bonuses, doing so can easily pay off. Especially for those who travel frequently and eagerly, the top rewards cards often have a good deal to offer.