How To Play Live Chat Roulette

Live chat roulette is a game that people can play during online chat. A visitor to the play live chat roulette website is connected to other visitors via video, audio or text chat. This game is the latest online trend. Before we understand it, first let’s know what chatroulette is all about. In simple words, it is a social networking website that enables you to chat with the anonymous so that you can play a game of roulette. It was created by a 17-year-old Russian boy Andrey Ternovskiy.

Here Are Six Easy Steps To Play Live Chat Roulette:

Step 1: Visit The Chatroulette Website

There are a number of chat roulette websites. Open any website. There will be two black screens on the left side. To initiate the chat, you need to connect your webcam to the system.

Step 2: Connect Webcam

To connect the webcam to the system, click the “preview your cam” link that appears on the top of the page. The website will automatically find the device attached to your system.

Step 4: Activate

The moment roulette website finds your webcam, live webcam chat will begin. Your device will appear at the bottom, on the left hand side of webpage. Click the “play” button. Now you are linked to the random video chat.

Step 5: Choose A Person

Visitors across the globe will appear in a box. You can choose anyone and start chatting. Before you play live chat roulette, you will appear at the bottom screen of the website and the person chosen by you will appear at the top. If you don’t like the person, click the next button to “shuffle” and get someone else.

Step 6: End It

You can leave the webcam chat at any point of time. Click the “leave” button appearing at the left bottom of the webpage to leave the chat.


Before you play the game, it is essential to know about the rules and regulations suggested by roulette websites to its visitors because many people show porn and objectionable images while video conversations.

Keep the following points in mind:

*Although chat roulette websites have introduced new safety features, visitors still show offensive images. These websites are inappropriate for youngsters. A visitor must be of 16 years of age to play live chat roulette.
*Websites have adopted strict measures for offenders. If a visitor uses pornographic or obscene content or images while chatting, he or she will be permanently blocked by the website. Nowadays, some websites use special software that detects the objectionable material.
*Unlike Face book and Twitter, chat roulette doesn’t require registration. Teenagers can easily chat on these websites. It is, however, the responsibility of parents to keep a vigil on their kids.

Despite the fact that live cams chat are clouded by controversies; it is fun to play live chat roulette. In fact, many people see these websites as an instant way to get a date. However, visitors must know all rules and regulations before giving it a try.

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