The Iphone Now You Can Take Part In Video Chat

Having video chat on a mobile device was the stuff of science fiction movies or books just a few years back. How things have changed. Just this week it has now become possible to video chat with your friends or family by using either your iPod Touch or iPhone; this has been made possible with a collaboration between Skype and Apple.

This means that no matter where you are you will now be able to not only talk with your friends and relatives but also be able to see them as well. We really have come a long way with a lot of our futuristic ideas becoming reality.

The potential for video chat on the iPhone is immense. Not only can we see our family and friends with this technology but we can also get an idea of where they are. This is probably not going to be universally welcome by everyone though; it will make it more difficult to lie about our whereabouts when we are talking on the phone.

On the plus side it will mean that we can share our best holiday moments with those people who are stuck in work. But one of the best things about video chat is the fact that you can get to see the faces of your loved ones if you are far from home and are feeling lonely.

You can now download video chat from Skype to your iPod Touch or iPhone. If you do this as soon as you can then you are going to be part of all the fun. This technology keeps on getting better and every time it seems that we have reached the limits they go and produce something really life changing like fully mobile video chat. What can we expect next?

Something such as 3D video chats could be next and these could help us to feel as though we are in the same room as the person we are speaking to.

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